Neu Blog Werkin

I have set up this shiny new blog to compliment my MTB stuff over on Whilst I try to keep that one very much on topic (Mountain biking and associated stuff and nonsense) this blog will contain everything else that I find in any way interesting. I have ditched the old one as most of it was pretty irrelevant and I think I last updated it in about 2006. 

This being Daim's blog it will very probably have a heavy geeky, open source, linux, web technology, gadget, 'How cool is this..?' bias. I have little time to write my own content, although there will certainly be sporadic outbursts of that, most of it will be an aggregation of interesting stuff found on my travels around the interweb. If that kind of stuff aint your bag then you will not get a lot from this site but you are warmly welcome anyway.

'What's the deal with the name?'  you say?

It's borrowed from the title of the seminal debut album by UK Drum and Bass outfit 'T-Power'.